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Fresh Polenta - Smoked Soy, Sweet Pepper, Fried Ginger, Shichimi Togarashi


Another largely improvised recipe, based entirely on what was on hand. Had a couple cobs of corn, a red pepper, and ginger - all retrieved from a recent outing to the Temescal Farmer's Market. The smoked soy is a treasured present from Dr. Kvasnovsky.

The idea was somewhat inspired by a bevy of dishes I've seen of late -- corn grits, cheddar, fried pork belly, some greens, an egg. I wanted to do a riff on that, but using fresh corn (based on good experiences with a recipe similar to this one). I knew I didn't want to use pork belly or bacon -- but also wanted to get some of that smokiness in there. Figured the use- sparingly-super-soy would do the trick... and give the whole dish an umami kick that would play off the sweetness of the corn. The red pepper was thrown in to mix up the textures, sweeten things, and add some color contrast.

I also wanted some other goodness to throw in the mix (slash eat before it rotted in the fridge). I sauteed up some lettuce with almonds and sriracha and made some quick blackened tofu.

Recipe: Yuba Rolls



Slightly complex, but fun.

This was largely improvised. I've been wanting to try it out -- an attempt at gluten-free spring rolls. Yuba is the substance that rises to the top of boiled soil milk. It can be [carefully] removed, folded, and packaged. Many types are dehydrated -- the kind that you find at your local Asian superstore. That type should be rehydrated for a few minutes before cooking. If you have access to fresh yuba, there's no need to rehydrate.

Slice some maitakes -- perhaps 1.5 ounces -- and cut tofu into some long, thin strips. Slice green onions and shred some cabbage. Mix in whatever proportion you would like.

Season as necessary -- I added a little soy sauce, pepper, and srirachra. Fold up and fry. Done. Voila. Delicious.

Much to report.

Its been a long time, blog.

Many things have happened. Guatemala. Austin, Texas. North Carolina. Oh, North Carolina. and back to Berkeley.

This will hopefully be the first of a few posts about some of those things that happened in the last few months... and some new recipes, some wedding experiences, etc.

Here we go.

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