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Scotch: A Pronunciation Guide (with Brian Cox & video)

How do you pronounce this?

image from the UK Whisky Tasting Club

It’s a fair point that many names of Scotches are very, very difficult to pronounce. Esquire and actor Brian Cox (not to be confused with physicist Brian Cox) have a hilarious set of short videos in which Cox pronounces Scotch names.


Superconductivity in FeTe1-xSx induced by alcohol

Cue never-ending jokes.

A Japanese scientist who "likes alcohol very much" has discovered that soaking samples of material in hot party drinks for 24 hours turns them into superconductors at ambient temperature.

Dr. Yoshihiko Takano of the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) in Tsukuba, Japan, made the discovery after a party, soaking samples of a potential superconductor in hot alcoholic drinks before testing them next day for superconductivity. The commercial alcoholic beverages, especially wine, were much more effective than either water or pure alcohol.

We found that hot commercial alcohol drinks are much effective to induce superconductivity in FeTe0.8S0.2 compared to water, ethanol and water-ethanol mixture. Both the highest zero resistivity temperature of 7.8 K and superconducting volume fraction of 62.4 % are observed for the FeTe0.8S0.2 sample heated in red wine. Any elements in alcohol drinks, other than water and ethanol, would play an important role to induce superconductivity.

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