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iTunes UI idiocy & insanity ::updated::


What the hell is this?

This post began by berating the UI gurus at Apple for breaking their own rules and messing with standard UI elements -- in this case, the close / minimize / maximize window buttons. At left, as you can see, the window buttons are in a non-standard orientation in a size that looks like some of the modals used in inspector UIs -- but not the standard window buttone size. As I began to dig in deeper, though, it became apparent there are many subtle and many not-so-subtle changes. Its all a little weird.

The icons in the side bar are now monochromatic; the sidebar itself is more muted. I generally think this is a bad thing. As others have pointed out, there's some familiarity with the old color scheme -- the new one, with its total lack of color, ignores that.

The new "Show" And "Hide" for SHARED and PLAYLISTS is weird. Why not standard system widgets? Why a strange, AJAX-y, seemingly hackish replacement?

What's up with the weird checkboxes next to songs? These look comic-ish. I don't detect enough contrast between the checkbox and the back of the window. Again, these seem to be non-standard UI elements.

Up top, in the clickable/sortable area with column titles -- what are those new dividers between elements? I understand the intention of the effect -- I think it just fails.

The striping of rows seems more subtle, to the point of being gone unless I alter the viewing angle on my MBP to something absurd.

These are retrograde moves. They are not refined or consistent. Using iTunes as a UI testing ground has always struck me as an odd move -- the software goes out to more people than the OS reaches. Having an extremely polished product that constructively and accurately reflects upon the OS would be beneficial -- the whole 'halo' concept. This should be your best product with the best possible experience.

And the icon. Oh, the icon.

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