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This thing looks different, as the handful of regular readers will notice. Perhaps not dramatically so, but I wanted to focus on the writing and the imagery and strip away all the other cruft.

So, some changes. The overall scaffolding for the page has changed a little; the sidebar is a little smaller and the main column's a bit bigger. The font has changed to one available through Adobe TypeKit - Franklin Gothic URW. I'm happy with how it renders on a computer and absolutely thrilled with how it looks on retina-calibre devices. It has a number of weights, obviating the need for multiple fonts on the site. Until HF&J launches their web font offerings, I'll be sticking with this.

A lot of the cutesy stuff -- rotating photos, quips, the date, twitter feeds -- and some more pragmatic stuff -- google ads, etc -- have been removed to decrease page load times. While the ads were generating a little revenue, it wasn't enough on a monthly basis to justify their ugliness. The photos still rotate, just on a per visit / refresh basis.

The sidebar's been tidied up. I liked having links to things I read over there, but they didn't need to clutter the viewing experience for readers on every single page. So perhaps they'll return in the future in a subsection.

Finally, a work in progress: the site looks different on an iPhone or Android device than it does on a computer or iPad using some CSS rules. I'll be refining the mobile view for a bit longer. Again, the emphasis will be on the readability of the site. I envision the mobile version even further stripped down (no sidebar) to accommodate the small reading space.

Enjoy + feedback always welcome.

Things broke badly.

The site went down again this morning as a result of transitioning to a new drive running OS X Server 10.6. The recovery wasn't as bad as in the past -- four or five hours -- but wasn't fun, either.

But we're back - with a new fixed position navigation bar and a few other new tricks.

Eric Stoltz is... Marty McFly?


This is outstanding. I can't imagine a better movie to see alternate takes with a different actor. Re-releasing in theaters and to blu-ray soon. So excited.

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