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The Tallest Man on Earth: between 5'5" and 5'7"

Tallest Man on Earth @ the Fillmore, SF

courtesy brian valdiznooo

Beth and I went to see Kristian Matsson, aka the Tallest Man on Earth, on Monday night at The Fillmore in San Francisco. The venue was fantastic. The show was outstanding. It takes serious gusto to get up on stage in front of throngs of the über-hip and perform like a maddened billy goat.

The setup was extremely simple. A man, three guitars, a smattering of peddles, and some amps. The Tallest Man seemed amused, entertained, and generally happy to be performing -- and the crowd loved him. We were lucky enough to be at the front of the audience, slightly off to the left. It was pretty outstanding; the combination of his unique voice, picking, and a pretty awe-inducing command of the audience made for a good night out. I wasn't sure what to expect -- sometimes a man and a guitar can be a bit boring -- but the show was great.

The show was at its peak for me when some of the showmanship and antics died down and the fellow just performed like an emotive mad man. Maybe the most amusing bit of performance was when, after a song, the tallest man flung his picks down pretty violently. He threw them at his amp, at his guitar, at the floor, always looking a bit pissed off and a bit bemused by the whole situation. I like that.

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