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About snarglr

Snarglr.com is written and maintained by Ajay Pillarisetti. He currently researches environmental health at UC Berkeley and works on household energy and health projects in Nepal, India, Guatemala, Laos, and beyond. His research focuses on (1) using inexpensive sensors to better understand and mitigate human exposures to byproducts of solid fuel combustion and (2) developing generic methods to manage and analyze data generated by these sensors.

He is a cofounder of Ideas United and Campus MovieFest, the world's largest student film festival, and was a Fulbright Scholar in Nepal in 2007-2008. He holds a PhD in Environmental Health from UC Berkeley and an MPH in Global Environmental Health and a B.S. in Biology from Emory University.

What's a snarglr?

The word snargle arose amongst a group of American expats enjoying, living in, and working throughout Nepal in the mid-aughts. It was initially used as a term of begrudging endearment for the packs of stray street dogs that control Kathmandu; it evolved to describe anything coo-worthy but hideous; cute, yet scraggly and affected; something snargly, snargled, or just snargle. Over time, it became overused, abused, and described anything, anywhere, anytime.