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Eric Stoltz is... Marty McFly?


This is outstanding. I can't imagine a better movie to see alternate takes with a different actor. Re-releasing in theaters and to blu-ray soon. So excited.

Recipe: GF Beer-battered fish tacos


yes please.

Onwards on our quest to substitute non-wheat products in the foods we adore. Who doesn't love fish tacos? Who doesn't love fried?

The lady's gluten-allergy makes beer-battered fish tacos seem like an impossibility. Mais non - we found a way. Involving gluten-free beer [a misnomer, I know] and chickpea flour, sweet rice flour, corn flour, and millet flour. And a cast iron skillet with a half inch o'canola in it. And a small prayer to the great Salmon of Doubt [anyone who can tell me why that reference is appropriate today get's a kiss on the nose].

I ended the evening with a Mikkeller Warrior Single Hop brew while watching Mad Men. Delicious.

We battered some Pacific Cod in a combination of the above and a few other things [recipe after the jump]. We fried it. I made a quick salsa composed of fresh, local, organic tomatoes; cilantro; onions; and garlic. The mistress put together a cabbage slaw tossed with lime zest, lime juice, jalapenos, salt, pepper, and garlic. It looked like this.

Recipe: GF Bok Choy & Egg Pizza


inspired by So Good and Tasty

We tried our first stab at a gluten-free pseudo-pizza this evening. It turned out swimmingly. We used a commercially available [and surprisingly delicious] pizza crust from Udi's Gluten Free Foods.

Mixed it up a bit and used bok choy [per the recipe above] which we lightly sauteed with oil oil, garlic, crushed red pepper, salt and pepper. We lightly oiled the pizza crust with some decent evoo, topped it with micrograted grana padana, threw the bok choy on top, cracked a couple eggs, and threw it in the oven. It cooked at 450º on a pizza stone for about fifteen minutes. It turned out really well..

We also made a little bit of sauteed broccolini - simple prep, with olive oil, crushed red pepper, lemon zest, and lemon. It tasted great and complemented the pizza well.

Arcade Fire + Calexico (Oct 2)


photo from Spencer Crooks

We got tickets to see the Arcade Fire and Calexico at the Greek Theatre at Berkeley on Oct 2. We arrived around 4:30p; doors opened at 6:30. There was a queue wrapping around the theater on both sides. It was pretty wild. The crowd waiting early ranged from little Justin Bieber-esque spring chickens to the gnarled and ancient. Hipsters, preps, 80s punks. The whole world turned out for this show.

And what a show. The setup was insanely elaborate, with a couple screens [one angled and made to look like an interstate billboard] and a large, highway-styled array of lights that shot down amazing sulfur-hued tones. The stage set-up managed to evoke a weird sense of nostalgia for suburban, off-the-highway living. Orange and yellow lights, imagery of overpasses, small yards, cookie-cutter subdivisions.

AF brought the noise, bombast, melodrama, and madness -- as usual. This is the third time I've seen them and it never disappoints. They sounded great and had the swagger of a much more popular band [though maybe my measure of popularity is irrelevant -- they seem to attract a huge following now]. We were about five rows back, slightly off center. It was a great spot, save the idiotic drunks singing-screaming along behind us.