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Household Energy & Health Photo Database

Took on a fun, work related assignment to create a fast, easy-to-use photo database for our research group. We work in a variety of places and many of the researchers have been at it for quite a while. As a result, they have deep, rich photo collections. We receive some photo requests from the press and fellow researchers, but often have a hard time locating appropriate photographs to share with others. The goal of the site, located here, is to let people go to the site, read an image agreement, and view and download photos related to our work.

Seems reasonably straightforward, but actually making all the pieces come together was challenging. There's the front end, which requires little user interaction and is pretty straightforward. The backend, however, requires that people be able to easily upload and edit photos. To ensure that individuals are properly credited for their shots, the backend script watermarks the image with the text input into the 'name' field and some generic text. Each photo is then processed into a thumbnail by the server to ensure that the page loads relatively quickly.

Leverages PHP5, MySQL, jQuery, and HTML/CSS.