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Command Line Hijinks using Share Monitor in Final Cut Pro X

FCP X has been causing headaches for folks all over the webosphere. Unfortunate, because its pretty slick, especially if we consider it a 1.0 release.

One particular area of headache for me has been scripting the new Batch Monitor replacement -- Share Monitor. Turns out its not terribly difficult to interact with Share Monitor using the command line.

Fire up terminal.

Copy and paste the following:

/Applications/Compressor.app/Contents/PlugIns/Compressor/CompressorKit.bundle/Contents/EmbeddedApps/Share\ Monitor.app/Contents/MacOS/Share\ Monitor -help

Read, experiment, enjoy.


Everything that's good about America. Eagles, explosions, and crazy rightwing nut jobs.

Also, Sarah? Broderbund from 1984 called. They want their copy of Print Shop back.

Not compromise, but capitulation.

In a letter to Lisa P. Jackson, the E.P.A. administration, the head of the White House office of regulatory affairs, Cass Sunstein, said that the president was rejecting her proposal to tighten the standard.

"He has made it clear he does not support finalizing the rule at this time," Mr. Sunstein said.

He said that changing the rule now would create uncertainty for business and local government. He also said there was no compelling reason to rewrite the ozone standard in advance of the scheduled reconsideration in 2013, a key demand of business interests.

Mr. Sunstein told Ms. Jackson that since the rule is due for reconsideration in 2013, an earlier review would promote confusion and uncertainty.

"In this light," he wrote, "issuing a final rule in late 2011 would be problematic in view of the fact that a new assessment, and potentially new standards, will be developed in the relatively near future."

From the NYT
update: another from the NYT: Stung by Obama, Environmentalists Weigh Options.