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Posts tagged “bon iver”

New music from Volcano Choir / Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver): Byegone

Volcano Choir's new album is coming in September. In the meantime, tide yourself over with Byegone.

Music! New Music! Volcano Choir (Justin Vernon) and David Byrne & St. Vincent!

Happy Monday morning. First up, from Volcano Choir, a teaser of a new album and a new song.

Next, a free EP from David Byrne and Annie Clark. The page requires flash to download the EP (boo!).

Merry Christmas.

Bon Iver Breakup Stories

Stumbled upon this on accident earlier today. Hilarious. One sample below, more available here.

I made little cheese cracker sandwiches as I watched Bon Iver make perfect blocks of butter that he’d just finished churning. The candle light found a home in his eyes as he took off his apron.

“Its amazing how one thing becomes another with just a little effort”, I purred as I kissed his forehead. I barely noticed him tremble as my lips touched his cool skin.

“It’s amazing how something becomes nothing without any effort at all”, was all he said before walking off into the rain. Now all I have left is butter. Until it spoils.