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Boonville & Anderson Valley (part I)

At the recommendation of the Lovehardsteins and the NYT, we went to Boonville last weekend with Beth's mom in tow. She escaped snowfall and bitter cold back East, and we were all fortunate to have incredible weather for our jaunt into wine country.

We left late in the morning on the seventh, had a delicious brunch at Tomate Cafe, our favorite Berkeley breakfast/spot. The ladies stuck with a traditional American breakfast {eggs, bacon, etc}; I tried a 'Cuban' breakfast with rice, plantains, beans, kale, and grilled shrimp. It was delicious.

We made quick time to Anderson Valley, as traffic was light early in the day. It was pretty foggy and a tad gloomy on the way in, but majestic nonetheless. We turned onto winding Hwy 128 that would lead us to Anderson Valley, working our way through the hills and wine country as the fog folded around, between, and through the trees. Around 1p, as we arrived in Boonville, the fog burned off completely. We checked into our studio at the Boonville Hotel, an amazing little inn and restaurant in Boonville. I can't gush enough about the hotel and staff -- it was a beautiful place, with well-designed, spacious rooms that fit the place of life in the valley.

We ate lunch at the Boonville General Store and then set off to Point Area and the coast, by way of the meandering, winding, and aptly titled 'Mountain View Rd.'