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Emptying and Deleting Amazon S3 Glacier vaults

For a period, I used Arq Backup with Amazon S3 Glacier as archival storage for my photos. I’ve got an alternative, faster, more convenient solution now and wanted to stop paying for storage at Amazon. Turns out clearing out a Glacier vault is neither easy, fast, nor straightforward. In the end, I used Leeroy Brun’s Glacier Vault Remove. While it couldn’t delete the vault automatically, it did empty it out overnight. I logged into AWS console to delete the vault. Here as reference for me and others who may run into this problem and need a tidy solution.

The Age of 'Infopolitics'

Interesting piece by Colin Koopman on “Infopolitics” and society:

After the initial alarm that accompanies every leak and news report, many of us retreat to the status quo, quieting ourselves with the thought that these new surveillance strategies are not all that sinister, especially if, as we like to say, we have nothing to hide.

One reason for our complacency is that we lack the intellectual framework to grasp the new kinds of political injustices characteristic of today’s information society. Everyone understands what is wrong with a government’s depriving its citizens of freedom of assembly or liberty of conscience. Everyone (or most everyone) understands the injustice of government-sanctioned racial profiling or policies that produce economic inequality along color lines. But though nearly all of us have a vague sense that something is wrong with the new regimes of data surveillance, it is difficult for us to specify exactly what is happening and why it raises serious concern, let alone what we might do about it….

We need a concept of infopolitics precisely because we have become infopersons. What should we do about our Internet and phone patterns’ being fastidiously harvested and stored away in remote databanks where they await inspection by future algorithms developed at the National Security Agency, Facebook, credit reporting firms like Experian and other new institutions of information and control that will come into existence in future decades? What bits of the informational you will fall under scrutiny? The political you? The sexual you? What next-generation McCarthyisms await your informational self? And will those excesses of oversight be found in some Senate subcommittee against which we democratic citizens might hope to rise up in revolt — or will they lurk among algorithmic automatons that silently seal our fates in digital filing systems?

Coda 2 and Diet Coda

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

Coda 2 and Diet Coda (for the iPad. Great, great name), from the gurus at Panic, are coming out this week! So exciting. Check out the aforelinked pages.