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Air Quality in London During the Olympics

Earlier this week, a few British newspapers ran stories about the implications of poor air quality in London and the impact it may have on athlete’s performance. The articles were a bit scant on details, but hinted at dangers for vulnerable populations and an increased risk of exercise-induced asthma during certain times of the day, especially for athletes. They cited London Air, a site that is tracking a number of important pollutants at sites throughout London.

They’ve got a remarkable amount of relatively easily accessible data on their site, and a special subsection catered towards visitors to London for the 2012 games. They’ve also created (in collaboration with the Environmental Health group at King’s College) free location-aware smartphone apps for Android and iOS that are impressive, easy to use, and comprehensive.

Click here to see a map of PM10 concentrations around London and visit their site for more information.

The AP story has been picked up by the Washington Post.

Oh Banksy, you darling rapscallion - Olympic Graffiti

Banksy’s at it again. And inspiring others. Great stuff before the London Olympics. Looking forward to seeing more.

apparently, this isn’t Banksy, but is the Criminal Chalkist. Thanks to those who pointed this out and referred me to the above link.

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For more information about Banksy, check out Artsy’s Banksy page.